the secret meaning of things


the secret meaning of things

a radio show streaming online fridays 2-4 PM on seattle-based, community-run hollow earth radio featuring post-punk, new wave, 70's punk and mutant sounds. a bi-weekly diversion into strange at

The Secret Meaning of Things 4/18/14

It’s Hot Take Your Coat Off - Mouth
The Laughing Policeman - The Suspicions
Pulp Baby - Systematics
Wipe Out (Surfaris) - Z’ev
I’m Writing It Down - Bay of Pigs
Underearthica - Pre Fix
Spooky Cooties - Jr. Chemists
Fast Fascist - Wilma
Atomic X - Androids of Mu
Twin - Ministry of Marriage
Dr. Janov - Those Helicopters
Herzmuskel - Traneninvasion
Senseless - World In Motion
50:50 - Sad Lovers and Giants
Wacker Drive - Wazmo Nariz
Mystery Party - The Stickmen
Eisenhower & the Hippies - UJ3RK5
Chicken 80 - Social Climbers
Hitler’s Brain - Undead
Don’t Bother - Dark Day
Mobo / Girls / Going to the Zoo - Hose

The Secret Meaning of Things 3/28/14

Picky Picnic - Aischu No Melody (The Setting Sun in Africa)
P-Model - 2D Or Not 2D
Palais Schaumburg - Kinder der Tod

Fred - Reactor Lightning
Des Airs - Lovely Lady of the Roses
Tuxedomoon - 59 to 1
Zizou, Bikaye + Cy1 - Lamuka
A Certain Ratio - Do the Du
Sad Lovers and Giants - Lost In A Moment
Los Microwaves - Radio Heart
The Homosexuals - Neutron Lover
Gleaming Spires - Christian Girl’s Problem
Wazmo Nariz - The Mind Is Willing, but the Flesh Is Weak / Checking Out the Checkout Girl
Wonders of Science - Let’s Start A Rumour
Human Puppets - Things Change Fast
European Toys - Korea
Patrick D. Martin - ? (Question Mark)
Marilyn and the Movie Stars - So Disgraceful
Dislocation Dance - You Can’t Beat History
Meat Joy - Slenderella
Informatics - Satellite to Russia
Doctor Mix and the Remix - Six Dreams
Hybrid Kids - Holly and Ivy
Non Band - Dance Song

The Secret Meaning of Things 3/7/13

Detlef Diederichsen - Pissnelke 2000 + Knastbrüder Erinnern Sich
The Dark - John Wayne
Material - Slow Murder
The Igloos - Octopus (Syd Barrett)
The Better Beatles - Penny Lane (Beatles)
Family Fodder - My Baby Takes Valium
They Must Be Russians - Don’t Try to Cure Yourself
Body Falling Downstairs - The Politics of Ecstasy
Reluctant Stereotypes - The Lull
Bizarros - The Cube
Big Hair - Puppet On A String
The Blackouts - The Underpass
The Bombay Ducks - Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Waited Too Long
Sub Verse - Chance Romance
Family Fodder - Frustration
Breakfast In Bed - Skin
Cuddly Toys - Astral Joe
Red Asphalt - Red Asphalt/Jive Puppet
Delta - Diagrams of Women
Vono - Mauertanz

The Secret Meaning of Things 2/21/14

That’s When Your Heartaches Begin - James Chance and Pill Factory
Aging With Dignity - Massacre
Larousse Baron Bic - Rosa Yemen
The Vivian Girls - Snakefinger
Dark Things - Material
Disco Rough - Mathématiques Modernes
Kawaii Systeme - Arto
Electrique Sylvie - Modern Guy
Sex Computer - Artefact
Moderne Romance - Suicide Romeo
Desire - Tuxedomoon
The Set-Up - Cabaret Voltaire
Industry - Henry Cow
Colt 45 - Metal Boys
I.T. Splash - Yello
Wolf - PragVEC
Monochrome Day - Thomas Leer and Robert Rental 
Mambo - Indoor Life
Hystérie Connective - Metal Urbain
Amoureux Solitaires - Lio
Rectangle - Jacno


Banana Split - Lio
Tonight - Size
Jackie Onassis - Human Sexual Response
A Cake for Bertie’s Party - Cardiac Arrest
Beatniks Lookin For Tourists - Chemicals Made From Dirt
I Got Mad - Human Hands
Don’t Lose Control - Snowy Red
Verre Etrange - Coma
Touche Pas Mon Sexe - Comix
Rug - Chen Yi
Tight As A Drum - Thomas Leer
Lost Adults - Voice Farm
I Am Your Shadow - Colin Potter
Kate - Chandra
Coming Alone - Celibates
Clear Plastic Day / Headlines Read - Le Cause
I Don’t Understand - 2.3 Children
To Reason Why - Tattoo Hosts Vision On!
Palm Springs - Social Climbers
Sometimes My Love Is Like A Shooting Star - Android
TV True Tonight - Zach Swagger
Saal 2 - Beschäftigung Maskulin 
Land of the Glass Pinecones - Human Sexual Response

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Not Your Living Doll - Nasmak
I  Can’t Stop It - The Primitive Calculators
Metro Mrx - Soft Cell
Drugface - The Passage
In the Beginning of Time - Porno Pop
Unexpected Noises - Brian Brain
Make Believe - Naked Lunch
You Tie Me Down - Naked Lunch
Silver Trees - Henry Badowski
Cut Shut - King of Culture
Sorry We’re Passe / Peoples - Touch Tones
The Elephant Man - The Girls
My Only Desire - The Wonders of Science
Good Times - Drinking Electricity
Life Is Busy - Tone Set 
Augie - Subjects
I Want To Function With You - New Occupants
One Step For What? - The Nu-Beams
Mambo - Indoor Life
Addiction/Aliens - Bay of Pigs
Dadat  Dat - Chinese Puzzle
Pleasure Heist - Mark Lane
Saltine Crackers / Cleveland - The Spanish Dogs
Fast Food - The (Hypothetical) Prophets 
See-Line Woman - Bona Dish
It’s Dark In Here - Animal Things
Living Is A Nightmare - All the Madmen
Night After Night - Not Only Bones



Wolf - Nash the Slash
Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush) - Hybrid Kids/Jah Wurzel
One Million Hamburgers - Frank Chickens
Laboratory Baby - Los Reactors
Strawberry Cheesecake - Algebra Mothers
Laundromat Loverboy / Identity Loss - Active Ingredients
Microwave Radiation - Xterminators
I Can See What’s Happening - Null and Void
Miss Syphilis - Lucas Trouble
Alien Point Of View - Nervous Gender
Anything - Suburban Lawns
Purpose - Death In Shopping Malls
What You Think - Coolies
I Woke Up - Hamburger All-Stars
Straight - Oh-Ok
Lizard Lips - Vibrant Fiasco
Der Hit - Phonophobia
Redhead - Plebs
Big Man - Plus Instruments
I Said Everybody - Bpeople
Wir Baune Eine Stadt - Holger Hiller & Thomas Fehlman
Dolphin’s Spurt - Minny Pops



Film Music - Family Fodder
Jupp Putta - Bottroper Hammerchor
I See Ice - Elegant Unease
Swing Shift - Nash the Slash
I Never Called You A Dream - Twilight Ritual
L’Aventure Imaginaire - L’Aventure Imaginaire
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Formatory Apparatus
Radioactive Cartoons - Observers Observing Observables
Catch A F-F-Falling Star - Hybrid Kids
Unsurety Insecurity - Slivers
Humor Me - Pere Ubu
Funk Me - Punishment of Luxury
Touch Me - P-Model
Blue Eel - Human Hands
Sentimental - Träneninvasion
Love Is Like A Violence - Ted Milton (Blurt)
It Always Rains In Wuppertal - Pyrolator
Rush Hour - Plus Instruments
TVC 15 (David Bowie) - Anomy
Tomorrow Is My Destiny - Victor Allen
Moon Effect - Pseudo Code
Clubnite - Teddy & the Frat Girls
Skeletons - Inflatable Boy Clams
Aux Bains Municipaux - Des Airs
Pajama Party - Unit 3 & Venus
Integrating Circuits - Standing Waves
Look At His Heartbeat - Xex
Sticks In My Brain - Martin Dupont



๑ εїз ๑ Creation Records 1983 - 1993 ๑ εїз ๑

'73 in '83 - The Legend
Plastic Flowers - The Wake
Freefall - Something Pretty Beautiful
Untitled (Love Song) - Revolving Paint Dream
Mad Dogs - Emily
This Bug - Silverfish
Singing In Braille - Five Go Down to The Sea?
Head - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Sandblasted - Swervedriver
Good For Me - Blow-Up
All Fall Down - Primal Scream
Love Resistance - Apple Boutique
Drastic Fantastic - Les Zarjaz
Poison Boyfriend - Momus
Serious Drugs - BMX Bandits
Kiss Me - Teenage Filmstars
Sugar - My Bloody Valentine
Slowdive - Slowdive
Celeste - The Telescopes
Perfect Time - Ride
I’ll Be Your Saint - Adorable
Million Tears - The Pastels
Think! - The Jasmine Minks
Therese - The Bodines
Try - Razorcuts
Rain of Crystal Spires - Felt
Lazarus - The Boo Radleys
Dream Beam - Hypnotone



Here Come the Harvest Buns - Danielle Dax
A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock Somewhere - LiLiPUT
Break the Ice At Parties - The Tesco Bombers
A Mistake - Public Servants
Boy’s Game - Tarzan 5
Pilgrim Forest (Peel Session) - Pink Military
Hidden From History - Bright Girls
Apricot’s Dream - The Particles
Chainsaw - Fat Tulips
I Know Ah Girl - Special Affects
Rasputin - CCCP-TV
Sume Ba Miyako Happy Family - Picky Picnic
True Love - Pyrolator
BRD USA DDR JFK - The Passage
Bodies - Plus Instruments
Do-DaDa - The Dance
Your Passion / Lost and Late - Martin Dupont
Love So Much Like Violent Death - Karl Blake
Farming Today - Concrete
Up In Arms - Lemon Kittens
Telephone Man - Pissy Relay Switches
Shark Horror - XL Capris
The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body - Pulsallama
Erection - Mag & the Suspects
Gimmick - Art Failure
Black Sand - Bound & Gagged
Resist Dance - Peter Ogi
Hurricane - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Kill the Bee Gees - the Accident