the secret meaning of things


the secret meaning of things

a radio show streaming online fridays 2-4 PM on seattle-based, community-run hollow earth radio featuring post-punk, new wave, 70's punk and mutant sounds. a bi-weekly diversion into strange at

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/22/14

I’m In Love With My Computer - Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor
Be A Zombie - Los Reactors
Five O’Clock World - Ballistic Kisses
Deaf Disco - Slugfuckers
Do That Dance - Primitive Calculators
Kkklown - The Meta-Matics
Dog Save My Sole - Blurt
Dog - Thick Pigeon
We Get Messages - Monitor
Criminal Waste - Flowers
Girl’s Imagination - The Del-Byzanteens
Energy - Duchamp
Nageuse - Eskimo
Glasaugen - Trummerfrauen
U.F.O Dictator - Tampax
The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes - The Very Things
China My China - Brian Eno/Judy Nylon
Hardy Country - Robert Fripp/Andy Summers

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/15/14

Bruise Violet: A Brief Guide to Lady-Powered Punk

Stay Away - Heavens to Betsy
Bluebell - Babes In Toyland
Fanfare in the Garden - Essential Logic
Fast Boyfriends (BBC Session 1981) - Girls At Our Best!
Tongue Tied - Erase Errata
You Taste Like the Tropics - Bush Tetras
I Just Wanna Puke on the Stereo - The Frumpies
Ain’t You - Kleenex/LiLiPUT
Freaky - Cub
Pineapple Boys Need Not Apply - Emily’s Sassy Lime
Do You Like Me Like That? - Bratmobile
The Dan Song - Raooul
Strawberry Milk - Free Kitten
Best Sunday Dress - Pagan Babies
Don’t Censor Me - Slant 6
Watchmaker - Excuse 17
What Kind of Girl? - Au Pairs
Silent Community - Penetration
Masochistic Opposite - Mo-Dettes
Bored Housewives - Androids of Mu
Dance All Night - Skinned Teen
Your Bed - Cub
Definition - the Third Sex
Girl on the Run - Honey Bane

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/8/14

Love Song - Polyrock
Chill - Crispy Ambulance
Primental (live in Chicago 5/18/1982) - Ministry
Pagan Love Song - Virgin Prunes
Ostrich - Danielle Dax
Please Respect Our Decadence - Algebra Suicide
Climatic Nouveaux - Ceramic Hello
Broken Windows - Dancing Cigarettes
Zuerst Ich - Silvia
Sex ist out, ich bin geklont - Schaltkreis Wasserman
La Femme Etait un Homme - Ipso Facto
Dick sing sie und Keuchen - Thorax-Wach
Tuo Men Xiong Haopengyou - Seen Links-Schlösser Rechts
Der Elegante Purzelbaum - Sissis Kinder
The Big Picture - Wonders of Science
Discord Dance - Drinking Electricity
Minor Man - Robert Fripp/the League of Gentlemen
Designer Genes - Amoebas in Chaos 
Blaue augen. - Neonbabies
Love Has Solved My Problems - 49 Americans
GlassTube - After Dinner
Greasing Wheezer - Smersh
Skin Disease - Marquis de Sade

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/1/14

Forever Strangers - Glamorcult
Hot On the Heels Of Love - Throbbing Gristle
In the Garden of Eden - Section 25
What We Have to Have - Futurisk
If You Want It - Los Microwaves
Take Me Inside - Sad Lovers and Giants
See the Children -  Easy Cure
City of Fools - MX-80 Sound
Unsurety Insecurity - Slivers
Little Ants - DNA
Killing Time - Massacre
Smack - Free Kitten
I Wanna Get Rid Of You - Psychotic Pineapple
Just One Kiss - The Cure
To Hold You - Minimal Man
Clouds - Chris Carter
Blush #102 - Algebra Suicide
Reactor Lightning - Fred
Marble Station - Sort Sol
Thrash - Cowboys International
Moderne Romance - S.Y.P.H
Do the Du - A Certain Ratio
Disney Boys - Blue Orchids
Slave to A Beeper (S.T.A.B.) - Red Asphalt
Squash - Soft Drinks
Friends of Bill - Basking Sharks 
Rug - Chen Yi
Love Song - The Passage

The Secret Meaning of Things 7/25/14

Sweetheart Contract - Magazine
Penetration in the Centerfold - DEVO
Fish Five - Colin Newman
I Feel So Bad - Man Ray Band
Taboos - The Passage
Time Is A Thief - Pink Industry
Sweet Revenge - Neon Judgment
Big Man - Plus Instruments
Throat Violence - Lemon Kittens
Atomic Shockwaves / Got A Problem - The Spanish Dogs
Tu Dulce Aliento - Aztek Airlines
Dynamo - MLD
Stolze Menschen - Kosmonautentraum
What Does It All Mean? - Longshoremen
Sensitive Skin - Swans
Deep Desire - Snowy Red
Burning - Glaxo Babies
I Wish I Hadn’t Shaved My Pubic Hair Off - Scissor Fits
Pets - Anorexia
It Just Ain’t Fucking Funny - The Scrotum Poles
Der Zauberer - Camilla Motor
Personal Computer - Doris Norton
Slide - The Last Man in Europe Corporation

The Secret Meaning of Things 7/18/14

The Seasons Are Sitting In Chairs - Arvid Tuba
Pilots - The Short Wave Mystery
Life - High Fashion
Money for Pleasure - Mekanik Kommando
Das Leben Ist Schon - Alexander Von Borsig
Slave Beyond the Grave - Johanna Went
Savior for the Masses - Baard
Conspiracy - Ad
In Pursuit of Excellence - Portion Control
She’s So Nice - Din A Testbild
Under Your Control - Seppuku
Ink Man - Kevin Harrison
Civil Defense - Alias
Corporate War - Plebs
Roboter in der Nacht - Abwarts
Tedium - Frank Sumatra and the Mob
Just A Love Song - Algebra Suicide
Give Me Your Hands - Absolute Body Control
Mots - Ruth
I Brought You A New World - Zombies Under Stress
Numbers In Space - Adolf Filter
Alles Klar / Gefangen - Alu
Norton Apple Software - Doris Norton

The Secret Meaning of Things 7/4/14

Big In Japan / Do the Chud - Big In Japan / the Chuddy Nuddies
Girls Without Trying - Egoslavia 
3E / Scorn - Mars
Modern Noise - Algebra Mothers
Hyper Exaggeration / Bird On Fire - Active Ingredients
As Seen On TV 12” - Student Nurse
A & R - Ad Astra
Babylon Generation - Gina X Performance
It’s So - Martin Dupont
Naum Gabo - U-J3RK5
Pig! Me! Oh! Mambo! - Picky Picnic
ACC - Robert Rental
John - Dom Dummaste
I Bizarro - The Bizarros
Invertibrates - The Instant Automatons
Sophistication - Plastic Idols
Lustiges Tierquartet - Lucrate Milk
Responsateen - Mechanical Servants
Berühren (Long Version) - Profil
Sleep Don’t Talk - UV Pop
Book of Sand - Arnold Lane
Le Manège - Pavilion 7b
Love Is Strange - Ciaran Harte 
I Throw Punches - Friz Be
Love By Numbers - Ash Wednesday

The Secret Meaning of Things 6/6/14

S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) - DEVO
Trust In Technology - Adaptors
Headline Deadline / Psychedelic Sex - The Philosophic Collage
Why Don’t You Join the Army? - Glorious Strangers
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads) - Psycho
Fujiyama Mama - Frank Chickens
Front - The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor
Boy Trouble Girl Trouble / Till Death Do Us Part - MX-80 Sound
Men Like Pie - Nu-Beams
Drivin’ - The New Left
Spass Muss Sein - Neonbabies
Tell It - UT
Ungawa Pt. 2 - Pulsallama
One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon (Demo) - Artery
Sick and Tired - Ron Miller
Get the Messages - Monitor
Footsteps - Colin Potter

The Secret Meaning of Things 5/30/14

I Saw It - Deep Wound
Joy / Black Sheep / More Joy - Minutemen
Killing Time - Massacre
Asshole - Pussy Galore
Icky Qualms - Cardiacs
Celebrity Art Party - The Embarrassment
Gather In the Mushrooms (Benny Hill) - Bogshed
Fondue Soiree - Diagram Brothers
Swerve - Dub Sex
Sharpened Sticks - A Witness
Hearts ‘n Barbarians / Disillusion Fool - Saccharine Trust
Neil Armstrong - Angst
Zig Zag Wanderer (Captain Beefheart) - Dog Faced Hermans
Stuck on A Stuck - Flowers in the Dustbin
What’s the Use? - Tuxedomoon
The Scream - Naffi
How Does the Blood Taste? Pt. 2 - Artless Entanglements
Me Too - Sharp Corners
Too Many Humans - No Trend
I’m the Stupid One - Happy Flowers
Trapped in the Playground - the Witch Trials
Pigs and Scales - the Ex
Rapture of the Deep - Human Hands
No Room - Athletico Spizz 80
Liar - Morbid Opera
Sink - Big Flame
El Diablo en El Cuerpo - Size

The Secret Meaning of Things 5/23/14

Flucht ‘82 - Zwischenfall
News Peak - Drinking Electricity
King of the Rumbling Spires (T. Rex) - The Fast Set
Poison Ivy - Futurisk
S.W. Digestion - The Stupid Set
Laugh - PragVEC
Closed - Phew
Ecraser La Vermine - Ptôse
Pop Stars In the Pyjamas - Soft Drinks
Velours - Femme Fatale
1919 - Klack Klack
Jellyfish - J.J. Burnel
Got to Get My Legs Out Of Bed - Legs Akimbo
Delta Sleep - Trees
He Is Patriotic - Portion Control
My Private Tokyo - Vicious Pink Phenomena
Athen - L’Aventure Imaginaire
You Go On Natural - Earthling
Such A Liar - Kuruki
Footsteps - Minny Pops
Modern Love - Pluta Connection
You’re In Control - Greg Horn