the secret meaning of things


the secret meaning of things

a radio show streaming online fridays 2-4 PM on seattle-based, community-run hollow earth radio featuring post-punk, new wave, 70's punk and mutant sounds. a bi-weekly diversion into strange at

The Secret Meaning of Things 9/26/14

Tight As A Drum - Thomas Leer
Leaf Scrapings - Cardiac Arrest
Emoi - Etron Fou Leloublan
Shift the Blame - Model Citiens
Green Eyes - Suburban Lawns
Love Attack - The Anemic Boyfriends
Don’t Misbehave In the New Age / We Are Machines - Animals & Men
Be Bop Dee Zee Bop - Metal Boys
Corners - Your Food
Bite 3/a - Cardiac Arrest
Telecommunication - Blitz
Legion - In Camera
Fond Affections - Rema Rema
Rolling Upon My Day - Dome
Fohn In Der Bergen - Die Partei
Hope Deep Inside - Schleimer K
Subway - Thick Pigeon
Black Sheep - Gina X Performance
Kopf Und Bauch - Gorilla Aktiv
Almenrausch - Bergtraum
Your Turn To Run - Malaria!

The Secret Meaning of Things 11/29/2013

Wolf - Nash the Slash
Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush) - Hybrid Kids/Jah Wurzel
One Million Hamburgers - Frank Chickens
Laboratory Baby - Los Reactors
Strawberry Cheesecake - Algebra Mothers
Laundromat Loverboy / Identity Loss - Active Ingredients
Microwave Radiation - Xterminators
I Can See What’s Happening - Null and Void
Miss Syphilis - Lucas Trouble
Alien Point Of View - Nervous Gender
Anything - Suburban Lawns
Purpose - Death In Shopping Malls
What You Think - Coolies
I Woke Up - Hamburger All-Stars
Straight - Oh-Ok
Lizard Lips - Vibrant Fiasco
Der Hit - Phonophobia
Redhead - Plebs
Big Man - Plus Instruments
I Said Everybody - Bpeople
Wir Baune Eine Stadt - Holger Hiller & Thomas Fehlman
Dolphin’s Spurt - Minny Pops

The Secret Meaning of Things 9/19/14

My Clown - Ela Eis
Don’t Walk on the Kitchen Floor - Come On
We Are All Animals - Diagram Brothers
Rabies - Naked Lunch
Night of the Reptiles II - Ptôse
Shark - Those Helicopters
I Am An Animal - Ja Ja Ja
Snake Attack / Corporate Food - Anonymous
Police Paranoia - Patrick D. Martin
Fascist - The Scientific Americans
Suicide Beach - Systematics
Rote Schuhe - Die Partei
Light My Fire - Moebius
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night - The Jellies
Tell the Truth - Kevin Coyne
Burnt Shoes - Orthotonics
Domestic - Social Climbers
Bologna Rock - Confusional Quartet
Germ Proof Cleaners / Al’s Radiator - Wazmo Nariz
Vortex - Mekanik Kommando
20h25 - C.K.C
Le Jardin Vert - Laurent Fairon
L’enfance de guigou - Etron fou leloublan
Warnung vor dem Hunde - Familie Hesselbach
Ignorance Is Bliss - Instant Automatons
Magic Mushrooms - Lucrate Milk

The Secret Meaning of Things 9/12/14

Ice Machine - Depeche Mode
Pound, Pound - Jeff & Jane Hudson
Modern Things - Voice Farm
Do Not Fertilize My Sister - Arvid Tuba
Communication Without Sound - Neon
Science Fiction - Christof Glowalla
Who’s Really Listening - Mark Lane
Brings, Brings - Z’ev
Ectomorphine - Pre Fix
Heat - Drowning Craze
Thorazine Cheerleader - BPA
Brave Gestures - Scarlet Architect
Eddie Go to My Head - Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras
Man the Lifeboats - Desmond Simmons
Burnt Offerings - Annie Anxiety
What’s Your Name? - Bruce Lose
Native Americans - Les Seldoms
Payday - Plebs
Die Liebe ist ein Abenteur - Ti-Tho
Locomotive - Longshoremen
Alexander Haig - Wilma
You’re My Favorite - Vox Pop
Dildos, Bondage and Toys - Artless Entanglements
Sport - Slivers
Themselves - D. Boon
Padded Cell - The Mentally Ill
Sic/Think - Slovenly

The Secret Meaning of Things 9/5/14

Bucket Rider - Polyrock
Vers L’est - Moderne
N’importe Quel Soir - Taxi Girl
Eva - Guerre Froide
Love For A Life - Trisomie 21
Don’t Turn Me Away - REXY
Flavor Crystals - Family Fodder
Every Morning - Elephants Don’t Sleep
Alien Love - Research Library
I Don’t Want To Be - Y Create
Igloo - La Maison
Duncan Dancin’ - Non Band
Our Eyes Met Across the Disco Floor - Bee Vamp
2 - Nexda
Animal Mentality - Patrik Fitzgerald
Fortune - Felt
Re - Dif Juz
Untitled 3 - Nexda
Cut - Ski Patrol
Book of Joel - Name
Movoco Synthaca - Nacht Und Nebel
Auwa - Brunst
No Tears - Tuxedomoon

The Secret Meaning of Things 3/28/14

Picky Picnic - Aischu No Melody (The Setting Sun in Africa)
P-Model - 2D Or Not 2D

Palais Schaumburg - Kinder der Tod
Fred - Reactor Lightning
Des Airs - Lovely Lady of the Roses
Tuxedomoon - 59 to 1
Zizou, Bikaye + Cy1 - Lamuka
A Certain Ratio - Do the Du
Sad Lovers and Giants - Lost In A Moment
Los Microwaves - Radio Heart
The Homosexuals - Neutron Lover
Gleaming Spires - Christian Girl’s Problem
Wazmo Nariz - The Mind Is Willing, but the Flesh Is Weak / Checking Out the Checkout Girl
Wonders of Science - Let’s Start A Rumour
Human Puppets - Things Change Fast
European Toys - Korea
Patrick D. Martin - ? (Question Mark)
Marilyn and the Movie Stars - So Disgraceful
Dislocation Dance - You Can’t Beat History
Meat Joy - Slenderella
Informatics - Satellite to Russia
Doctor Mix and the Remix - Six Dreams
Hybrid Kids - Holly and Ivy
Non Band - Dance Song

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/29/14

Messthetics - Scritti Politti
Sherlock Holmes - Red Krayola
Work - Blue Orchids
Madman - Cuddly Toys
They’re Talking About Us - Tronics
Heathen Girls - Rose Whipperr + Marc Stowe
Yummy Yummy Ya! - Naffi
President Am I - Slow Children
Je T’ai Toujours Aimee - Polyphonic Size
Room Mate - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Special - + Instruments
Knife Slits Water (7-inch version) - A Certain Ratio
Time - Elegant Unease
Webb-Man - Twilight Ritual
Talkover - Cabaret Voltaire
More Like Beans - Naffi
Hontokana? (Really?) - Picky Picnic
Ode to Francis Farmer (live) - Noh Mercy
Next Available Date - Observers Observing Observables
Auto Mekanik Destruktor - Basczax
All Reality Is Symbolic - Officer!
Flowers Are Machines As Well - And the Native Hipsters
Perfection - Thursdays
Tablecloth - From Chorley
The Wrong Treatment - The Four Plugs
Hello Howard - Twelve Cubic Feet

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/22/14

I’m In Love With My Computer - Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor
Be A Zombie - Los Reactors
Five O’Clock World - Ballistic Kisses
Deaf Disco - Slugfuckers
Do That Dance - Primitive Calculators
Kkklown - The Meta-Matics
Dog Save My Sole - Blurt
Dog - Thick Pigeon
We Get Messages - Monitor
Criminal Waste - Flowers
Girl’s Imagination - The Del-Byzanteens
Energy - Duchamp
Nageuse - Eskimo
Glasaugen - Trummerfrauen
U.F.O Dictator - Tampax
The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes - The Very Things
China My China - Brian Eno/Judy Nylon
Hardy Country - Robert Fripp/Andy Summers

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/15/14

Bruise Violet: A Brief Guide to Lady-Powered Punk

Stay Away - Heavens to Betsy
Bluebell - Babes In Toyland
Fanfare in the Garden - Essential Logic
Fast Boyfriends (BBC Session 1981) - Girls At Our Best!
Tongue Tied - Erase Errata
You Taste Like the Tropics - Bush Tetras
I Just Wanna Puke on the Stereo - The Frumpies
Ain’t You - Kleenex/LiLiPUT
Freaky - Cub
Pineapple Boys Need Not Apply - Emily’s Sassy Lime
Do You Like Me Like That? - Bratmobile
The Dan Song - Raooul
Strawberry Milk - Free Kitten
Best Sunday Dress - Pagan Babies
Don’t Censor Me - Slant 6
Watchmaker - Excuse 17
What Kind of Girl? - Au Pairs
Silent Community - Penetration
Masochistic Opposite - Mo-Dettes
Bored Housewives - Androids of Mu
Dance All Night - Skinned Teen
Your Bed - Cub
Definition - the Third Sex
Girl on the Run - Honey Bane

The Secret Meaning of Things 8/8/14

Love Song - Polyrock
Chill - Crispy Ambulance
Primental (live in Chicago 5/18/1982) - Ministry
Pagan Love Song - Virgin Prunes
Ostrich - Danielle Dax
Please Respect Our Decadence - Algebra Suicide
Climatic Nouveaux - Ceramic Hello
Broken Windows - Dancing Cigarettes
Zuerst Ich - Silvia
Sex ist out, ich bin geklont - Schaltkreis Wasserman
La Femme Etait un Homme - Ipso Facto
Dick sing sie und Keuchen - Thorax-Wach
Tuo Men Xiong Haopengyou - Seen Links-Schlösser Rechts
Der Elegante Purzelbaum - Sissis Kinder
The Big Picture - Wonders of Science
Discord Dance - Drinking Electricity
Minor Man - Robert Fripp/the League of Gentlemen
Designer Genes - Amoebas in Chaos 
Blaue augen. - Neonbabies
Love Has Solved My Problems - 49 Americans
GlassTube - After Dinner
Greasing Wheezer - Smersh
Skin Disease - Marquis de Sade